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Five parties agree campaign rules, earn criticism from Déi Lénk and Pirates

The election campaign should be “fair and objective”, representatives of the CSV, LSAP, DP, déi Gréng and ADR agreed on Tuesday morning. The five parties backed off from an earlier plan to forego commercial advertising on radio and television and set instead a budget cap of 75,000 euros. Déi Lénk are the only parliamentary party … Continue reading

Official launch of election campaign set for mid-September

The election campaign will not officially start until mid-September, political parties agreed on Thursday at an extraordinary meeting in Parliament convened to discuss the extent and duration of the election campaign. As in previous years, participants in the elections will follow certain basic rules.

Greens present candidate lists: “We are ready for government”

Unlike their political rivals, “déi gréng” will not have a single lead candidate in the elections nor one top candidate in each region. As in the past, the Greens have picked eight candidates to head their electoral lists. This allows them to have a female-male duo at the top of their candidate list in each … Continue reading

Political parties “not all equal before the law”

The countdown has begun. In less than three months, voters will go to the polls to elect a new parliament. In the meantime, political parties will need to move up another gear to prepare for the ballot, after a gentle start of the year when they were still thinking about legislative elections in May 2014. … Continue reading

Grand Duke announces October elections, defers dissolution of Parliament

Grand Duke Henri on Friday announced that he had “resolved” to dissolve the Luxembourg Parliament with effect from 7 October, with early elections set to take place on 20 October, in line with the views of the parliament’s constitutional committee. On Thursday, the State Council had spoken out against such a deferred dissolution of parliament, … Continue reading

State Council against late dissolution of parliament, parties disagree

Luxembourg’s State Council, an advisory body on legal matters, on Thursday expressed its opposition to deferring the dissolution of parliament until early October if elections are to be held on 20 October. The legislature should be dissolved immediately and elections held within three months when there is a substantial and serious rift within the coalition … Continue reading

Socialists and Liberals pick top candidates

Etienne Schneider was confirmed as the lead candidate of the Socialists (LSAP) on Tuesday evening, while the Liberals (DP) put forward four top candidates. The Greens announced that they would not rule out a three-way coalition after the elections. At the LSAP congress, Schneider received overwhelming party support, securing 376 out of 379 votes. The … Continue reading

Liberals don’t rule out three-way coalition after elections

On Tuesday afternoon, Claude Meisch and Xavier Bettel did not want to disclose who would lead the list of DP candidates at the elections – or if there was going to be a single lead candidate in the first place. Xavier Bettel: “There are indeed many possibilities and options. It’s clear that we need reforms, … Continue reading

ASTI wants expat issues debated during election campaign

The Association for the Support of Foreign Workers (ASTI) has called for expat issues, such as the reform of the nationality law and the right to vote for non-nationals, to be included in this year’s election programmes. As the Luxembourg’s parties are gearing up for a summer elections campaign, ASTI has said that not only … Continue reading

Socialists, Greens and Liberals to hold key election meetings tonight

Three political parties – LSAP (Socialists), déi gréng (Greens) and DP (Liberals) – will hold key party meetings on Tuesday evening to prepare for early elections in October. While the LSAP and the DP are due to decide on their lead candidates, the Greens will have a content discussion.

Bodry: Juncker is no superhuman

Socialist Party Chairman Alex Bodry expects things to return to normal after, in his view, the “inexplicable” reaction of the Christian Social People’s Party (CSV). Reiterating that the country needs a fresh start, with or without Jean-Claude Juncker, he does not exclude any coalition nor the option of joining the opposition ranks. Reporter Geneviève Montaigu interviewed … Continue reading

Juncker says he’s no longer eyeing a European career

“I’m no longer interested in a European post”, Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker told RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg on Saturday, dismissing media reports that he would seek to replace Herman Van Rompuy as EU Council President next year.

Political parties rush to prepare election campaign

Internal committee meetings to draft manifestos and campaign leadership meetings will be the lot of many party members in Luxembourg over the summer. Immediate action is required to draw up  candidate lists if elections are to take place on 20 October, as speculated in the media. Names of candidates need to be submitted at least … Continue reading

Green Party to present election list on 25 July

Luxembourg’s Green Party is set to present its election list on 25 July. Less than 24 hours after Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker announced that he would ask the Grand Duke to call for snap elections, the Green Party has already prepared its election list. It looks like there will be no top candidate, but that … Continue reading

LSAP: “This comedy has lasted long enough”

The fronts between the LSAP and the CSV seem to harden, as the chairman of the LSAP’s parliamentary group Lucien Lux slammed the coalition partner’s “poker of lies” and “construction of legends.” Lux refuted allegations that the LSAP had secretly pursued the goal of snap elections, saying that party president Alex Bodry had met with … Continue reading


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