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State Council against late dissolution of parliament, parties disagree

Luxembourg’s State Council, an advisory body on legal matters, on Thursday expressed its opposition to deferring the dissolution of parliament until early October if elections are to be held on 20 October. The legislature should be dissolved immediately and elections held within three months when there is a substantial and serious rift within the coalition … Continue reading

What led to early elections in Luxembourg?

Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker was forced to accept early elections after losing the support of his junior coalition partner on 10 July. At the origin of the government crisis is the mismanagement of Luxembourg’s intelligence service. From eavesdropping to car trafficking and with a whiff of the Cold War, the case has all the hallmarks … Continue reading

With whom can the CSV govern if it wins the elections?

It has been less than a week since early elections were announced and we are already in the midst of an election campaign. The vote is in autumn. The coalition discipline has been broken and parties are repositioning themselves. The country is facing one of the most exciting campaigns in its recent history, writes Christoph … Continue reading

Bodry: Juncker is no superhuman

Socialist Party Chairman Alex Bodry expects things to return to normal after, in his view, the “inexplicable” reaction of the Christian Social People’s Party (CSV). Reiterating that the country needs a fresh start, with or without Jean-Claude Juncker, he does not exclude any coalition nor the option of joining the opposition ranks. Reporter Geneviève Montaigu interviewed … Continue reading

Juncker says he’s no longer eyeing a European career

“I’m no longer interested in a European post”, Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker told RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg on Saturday, dismissing media reports that he would seek to replace Herman Van Rompuy as EU Council President next year.

LSAP: “This comedy has lasted long enough”

The fronts between the LSAP and the CSV seem to harden, as the chairman of the LSAP’s parliamentary group Lucien Lux slammed the coalition partner’s “poker of lies” and “construction of legends.” Lux refuted allegations that the LSAP had secretly pursued the goal of snap elections, saying that party president Alex Bodry had met with … Continue reading

Luxembourg awaits Grand Duke’s decision on early elections

Luxembourg is on course for early elections in October after a meeting between Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker and Grand Duke Henri on Friday. Juncker asked the Grand Duke to call elections eight months ahead of schedule, following an intense debate in Parliament on Wednesday about the conduct of the Luxembourg Secret Service. A statement from … Continue reading

Juncker to call for early elections in Luxembourg

Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker has announced that he will seek an early election after he lost the support of his junior coalition partner. The move came as the Socialist Party of Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn called for the dissolution of parliament over a secret service scandal. After a marathon debate … Continue reading


Election dayOctober 20th, 2013
The big day is here.