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Speaking evil of Juncker – what better way to make him more likeable?

The Socialists have accused Jean-Claude Juncker of failing to launch a single initiative at the national level over the last ten years. The national and international press never mentioned this fact, says Lucien Lux. But neither did the LSAP before their coalition with the CSV fell apart. It is only now that tongues are loosening … Continue reading

“People love a betrayal, but not the betrayer”

At long last, Grand Duke Henri has ended the government crisis in Luxembourg and scheduled new elections for 20 October. In the end, both the Prime Minister and the CSV-LSAP coalition government avoided drawing the consequences of the secret service scandal – Juncker by refusing to step down and the Socialists by being spared a … Continue reading

What led to early elections in Luxembourg?

Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker was forced to accept early elections after losing the support of his junior coalition partner on 10 July. At the origin of the government crisis is the mismanagement of Luxembourg’s intelligence service. From eavesdropping to car trafficking and with a whiff of the Cold War, the case has all the hallmarks … Continue reading

With whom can the CSV govern if it wins the elections?

It has been less than a week since early elections were announced and we are already in the midst of an election campaign. The vote is in autumn. The coalition discipline has been broken and parties are repositioning themselves. The country is facing one of the most exciting campaigns in its recent history, writes Christoph … Continue reading

Der Spiegel: Juncker’s Plan to Succeed Himself

Jean-Claude Juncker has been in power in Luxembourg for 18 years, but he still isn’t ready to fade into retirement. After tripping over a secret service scandal, he is now planning his comeback – a project that could ultimately land him a senior European Union position, reports Germany’s leading news magazine Der Spiegel in this … Continue reading

Intercepted in Luxembourg: The EU and the resignation of “Mr. Euro”

There are many indications that Jean-Claude Juncker will be returned as Prime Minister of Luxembourg in the autumn. Whether he can jump onto the personnel merry-go-round at the European stage, however, remains to be seen, says Jörg Münchenberg in a commentary for Deutschlandfunk, Germany’s national public radio.


Election dayOctober 20th, 2013
The big day is here.