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Greens present candidate lists: “We are ready for government”

verts-congresUnlike their political rivals, “déi gréng” will not have a single lead candidate in the elections nor one top candidate in each region. As in the past, the Greens have picked eight candidates to head their electoral lists. This allows them to have a female-male duo at the top of their candidate list in each of Luxembourg’s four electoral constituencies. In total, the Greens will have 29 female and 31 male candidates – almost ensuring full gender equality among their candidates.

At a party meeting on Thursday, the Greens presented the 60 candidates who will fight the elections in the hope of joining the next government. The slogan of their campaign will be “Méi Gréng, méi Verantwortung” (More Green, More Responsible). The Greens stand for “moderation in growth, respect for the environment, better education and child care policy and a new way forward”, party co-chair Sam Tanson said.

These following tandems will head the Greens’ candidate lists:

in the Center: party caucus leader François Bausch and Luxembourg deputy mayor Vivane Loschetter:

in the South: Josée Lorsche and Felix Braz;

in the East: Remich mayor and MP Henri Kox and Carole Dieschbourg in the East,

in the North: Pall-Center director Christiane Wickler and Beckerich mayor and MP Camille Gira.

The Greens do not inevitably see themselves in the opposition after the elections. “We are ready for government”, Tanson told the assembled delegates.



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