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Speaking evil of Juncker – what better way to make him more likeable?

The Socialists have accused Jean-Claude Juncker of failing to launch a single initiative at the national level over the last ten years. The national and international press never mentioned this fact, says Lucien Lux. But neither did the LSAP before their coalition with the CSV fell apart. It is only now that tongues are loosening and speaking all the evil they can of the Prime Minister. What better way to make him even more likeable, writes Geneviève Montaigu in a commentary for Luxembourg’s French-language daily Le Quotidien.

Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker added his own two cents to the campaign in an interview with our fellow journalists from the Luxemburger Wort, who reportedly have never been under greater pressure than at present. He accused his Socialist coalition partner of high treason and wants the electorate to believe that the LSAP is rallying against him. If this were true, the Socialist Party would have made every effort to overthrow him. However, he is still around, with all his caustic wit, his way with words, his sense of humour so endearing to the press, and his convoluted sentences resembling an unstoppable projectile.

The international press is wondering whether the Christian Social Party will again be able to form an alliance with its faithful Socialist partner. In the Grand Duchy, this issue has elicited much less concern. Whatever happens, the two parties never before engaged in so many mutual provocations.

To make the Socialists even more uncomfortable, the Prime Minister said that he had always acted like a mother to his preferred partner in government. He cited the unfortunate example of Minister Nicolas Schmit. Juncker claimed to have saved Schmit from the waters after the latter threatened police officers who had arrested his son during a roadside check. Would this same Nicolas Schmit have been in favour of a resignation of the Prime Minister? It was another Socialist, Etienne Schneider, who said that his party wanted the Prime Minister to resign.

Accordingly, Jean-Claude Juncker did not hide his strong feeling of having been left standing in the rain. At a time when parties were taking stock of the parliamentary year, the Socialists continued to bash him personally, as well as his party, while taking all the credit for the reform process.

LSAP chairman Alex Bodry said that the Prime Minister had not taken a single initiative over the last ten years. Parliamentary group chair Lucien Lux drove the nail in another inch by claiming that the press, both national and international, never mentioned this fact. Neither did the Socialists before this resounding rupture – if a rupture it is.

Yet nobody, not even the Liberals at the time when the coalition was still in place, ever set the record straight. It is only now that tongues are loosening and speaking all the evil they can of the character.

What better way to make him even more likeable, this Jean-Claude Juncker who has always invested himself for his junior coalition partner.



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