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Socialists and Liberals pick top candidates

Etienne Schneider was confirmed as the lead candidate of the Socialists (LSAP) on Tuesday evening, while the Liberals (DP) put forward four top candidates. The Greens announced that they would not rule out a three-way coalition after the elections.

At the LSAP congress, Schneider received overwhelming party support, securing 376 out of 379 votes. The current Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade showed himself confident that the LSAP would be able to re-establish trust in the country’s political system, for example through a reform of its public institutions and administrations.

Party president Alex Bodry said the party was ready to start fresh together with the citizens of Luxembourg, adding the the LSAP stood for honesty, justice and capability.

While Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said the Socialists would “win these elections,” Bodry struck a more careful tone, saying that the party is not afraid of not winning and leading the opposition as a strong party.

Four DP candidates – no list from “déi gréng” so far

The Democratic Party (DP) on the other hand announced that it would enter elections with four top candidates: Xavier Bettel, Claude Meisch, Maggy Nagel and current MEP Charles Goerens.

While Bettel’s nomination did not come as a big surprise it nonetheless followed statements by the Luxembourg City mayor made earlier this year, ahead of the government crisis, in which he said that he would not stand as minister during the 2014 elections, as this would conflict with his duties as mayor, which last until 2017.

Greens do not rule out three-way coalition

Fellow opposition party “déi Gréng” meanwhile did not put forward their list of candidates at a party congress on Tuesday evening.

The party addressed some of the key issues to be tackled, such as the support for small and medium-sized enterprises, investment programmes and renewable energies, as well as state debt.

Additionally, the Green Party said that they would not rule out a triple coalition, presumably with the LSAP and the DP.

More news about the electoral list is expected for July 25.

(Source: wort.lu / luxpol)



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