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Socialists, Greens and Liberals to hold key election meetings tonight

Three political parties – LSAP (Socialists), déi gréng (Greens) and DP (Liberals) – will hold key party meetings on Tuesday evening to prepare for early elections in October. While the LSAP and the DP are due to decide on their lead candidates, the Greens will have a content discussion.

Meeting in Strassen at 19:00 hrs, the LSAP is expected to crown Etienne Schneider as its lead candidate in the elections following a secret ballot among party members. Party officials will also present key themes from the party’s forthcoming election manifesto, which is due for adoption in September.

On the same evening, the Executive Committee of the DP will come together to decide whether the Liberals will fight the elections with four lead candidates – one from each constituency – or rather with a single top candidate.

Finally, the Greens have announced that their extraordinary party congress, due to start at 18:30 hrs in Luxembourg City, will focus less on personalities and more on content. Parliamentary Group Chair François Bausch and Deputy Felix Braz will speak on the “lessons learnt” from the political crisis, before giving the floor to party co-chairs Sam Tanson and Christian Kmiote to talk about how the party sees the country’s future.



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Election dayOctober 20th, 2013
The big day is here.
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