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Liberals don’t rule out three-way coalition after elections

On Tuesday afternoon, Claude Meisch and Xavier Bettel did not want to disclose who would lead the list of DP candidates at the elections – or if there was going to be a single lead candidate in the first place. Xavier Bettel: “There are indeed many possibilities and options. It’s clear that we need reforms, and we will ensure that the political debate will not be limited to the question of being for or against Jean-Claude Juncker. Asked about possible post-election alliances, Claude Meisch did not rule out a three-way coalition, recalling that he experienced such a constellation as mayor of Differdange. “It was an interesting and positive experience,” he observed.

The two men were speaking at a traditional press lunch marking the end of parliamentary sessions.

“To can regain our serenity only with politicians who are not involved in the SREL affair. We must walk new paths”, Meisch said. Was this already the new and old slogan of the Liberal’s election campaign? Let’s recall that in 2009 their slogan was “Nei Weeër wielen” (Choose New Ways or Take New Paths). True, in a partisan sense, the slogan is more topical today than it was in 2009. At the time, it was a response CSV slogan that the choice had been made (“De séchere Wee” – On the Safe Side).

In the words of Claude Meisch: “It’s really sad that Jean-Claude Juncker keeps failing to assume his responsibilities in the SREL affair. Even a politician must be able to acknowledge mistakes. It would only make him more human. I just have to stress that all that was said in the SREL report remains true, even after the two-hour speech by the Prime Minister.”

The chairman of DP’s parliamentary group added that the damage the Prime Minister and the secret service scandal had caused was “not quantifiable.” Meisch showed himself disappointed that Juncker did not assume personal responsibility, especially since the Prime Minister had said that he would do so when the time came at a parliamentary debate in June.

Meisch stressed that the Liberals judged the government’s record as poor: “The government stopped functioning in 2010 after the failure of the Tripartite [Luxembourg’s system of social dialogue between the government, employers and unions]. This government has not found a cure to overcome the crisis. A change is therefore necessary.”

(Source: wort.lu)



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