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ASTI wants expat issues debated during election campaign

ASTI LogoThe Association for the Support of Foreign Workers (ASTI) has called for expat issues, such as the reform of the nationality law and the right to vote for non-nationals, to be included in this year’s election programmes.

As the Luxembourg’s parties are gearing up for a summer elections campaign, ASTI has said that not only economic and financial issues should take centre stage, but also the inclusion and integration of the Grand Duchy’s large international community.

Two issues in particular should be included in election programmes, according to ASTI – the reform of Luxembourg’s nationality law and the debate to grant non-nationals the right to vote in general elections.

ASTI had previously campaigned to introduce “jus soli” in Luxembourg, by which anyone born in the country would automatically have Luxembourg nationality. Additionally, ASTI has called for a change to linguistic requirements, which many foreigners find hard to meet, especially due long waiting lists for language courses.

Additionally, the association has spoken out in favour of granting non-nationals the right to vote, saying that it is “not normal” that a large part of the population, which contributes to Luxembourg’s “economic, social and cultural wealth,” is excluded from political decision-making.

The debate had received much attention earlier this year, when several minister also voiced support for a change to voting rights. However, political interest in the question has since waned.

“We believe that this debate should be conducted,” ASTI commented in a statement. “The fact that elections are held at an earlier date should not be used to evade these issues.”



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