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Political parties rush to prepare election campaign

Internal committee meetings to draft manifestos and campaign leadership meetings will be the lot of many party members in Luxembourg over the summer. Immediate action is required to draw up  candidate lists if elections are to take place on 20 October, as speculated in the media. Names of candidates need to be submitted at least one month before the election date.

The Greens have reportedly already compiled their lists. The LSAP will hold district congresses next week. CSV and ADR will follow suit soon thereafter. The Executive Committee of the DP is to meet in early August. Presentations of the party programmes are likely to take place almost simultaneously after the end of the summer recess.

The Greens have announced that they will present their party manifesto on 14 September. Similarly, the DP, CSV, LSAP and ADR are planning to adopt their electoral programmmes in mid-September.

The CSV has begun posting slogans of support for Juncker on social media websites

While most parties are still in the planning stages of their campaign, the CSV has already fired up its election engine. On Wednesday night, only a few hours after the Prime Minister announced that he would ask the Grand Duke to call snap elections, CSV General Secretary Laurent Zeimet posted the first slogan of support for Juncker – “We stand behind the Prime Minister” – on social media websites.

(Source: luxpol/tageblatt.lu)



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The big day is here.
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