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LSAP: “This comedy has lasted long enough”

Lucien Lux talking to the press

The fronts between the LSAP and the CSV seem to harden, as the chairman of the LSAP’s parliamentary group Lucien Lux slammed the coalition partner’s “poker of lies” and “construction of legends.”

Lux refuted allegations that the LSAP had secretly pursued the goal of snap elections, saying that party president Alex Bodry had met with the Prime Minister last Friday to inform him of the LSAP’s course, as well as meeting the CSV’s parliamentary group head Gilles Roth on several occasions to discuss the motion the LSAP was planning to introduce in parliament.

“I would have expected a minimum of respect for our position,” Lux commented.

Lux also attacked the Prime Minister’s statement on Thursday evening that the government had been prevented from moving forward for around 12 months.

Lux said that the parliament had been kept busy for three months dealing with Luc Frieden’s “amateurism” when Qatar Airways became a shareholder of Cargolux. On top of that the Chamber of Deputies had to discuss Frieden’s “lapses” opposite the judiciary, Lux stated.

With another six months spent on the secret service scandal, he concluded that it was the fault of the CSV that it had lost 12 months, criticising what looked as though the CSV was now “patting its own back.”

“This comedy has lasted long enough,” Lux concluded.

(Source: wort.lu)



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