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Green Party to present election list on 25 July

Luxembourg’s Green Party is set to present its election list on 25 July.

Less than 24 hours after Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker announced that he would ask the Grand Duke to call for snap elections, the Green Party has already prepared its election list.

It looks like there will be no top candidate, but that there will be a male-female double to lead the list. The details will be known once the list is made public on 25 July .

At the same time, “déi Gréng” are working on their election programme. François Bausch said that a final programme for the next five years will be revealed on September 14. He announced that the party wants to focus on political responsibility, solutions to the economic crisis and new approaches in education and day care.

“Déi Gréng” also spoke out for a fair elections campaign and good debates. “It should be about Luxembourg, and not about victims,” Bausch commented.

The party also said that it does not categorically exclude the possibility of entering into a coalition with the CSV. However, the CSV would have to “renew” itself in regards to its “mentalities.”

(Source: wort.lu)



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