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Asselborn supports Schneider to lead LSAP into elections

Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister Jean Asselborn has proposed Economy Minister Etienne Schneider over himself to head the list of LSAP candidates at the next elections, it emerged on Friday morning.

The 64-year old Asselborn, who also holds the post of Foreign Minister, said that he would stand for election, but that he supported Schneider to head the party’s election list in a bid to rejuvenate the party.

Luxembourg media speculating on who might head the LSAP list at the elections

“I was very fortunate to see the world and its workings,” said Jean Asselborn, adding: “I’ve always focused on my role as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the interest of the country. The party has given me a lot to enable me to succeed in this role. Now it’s time to return the favour.”

Mr Asselborn, who has been in politics since 1982 when he became mayor of Steinfort, has been part of the government for nine years.

Etienne Schneider, 42, joined the cabinet in February 2012 following the resignation of Jeannot Krecké.

A recent opinion poll by Politmonitor showed that Schneider was more popular than Asselborn.

A vote to decide the main candidate is expected to take place at an LSAP extraordinary meeting next Tuesday.

Asselborn will not step down from politics and said on Friday that he plans to stand as a candidate for the south of the country. This leaves the door open for him to be part of the new government after the elections.

(Source: luxpol/wort.lu)



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