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CSV nominates Juncker as its top candidate

Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker was confirmed as the CSV’s top candidate in the upcoming snap elections at a party conference on Thursday evening.

The CSV thus confirmed speculation that they would remain loyal to the Premier. During the debate in parliament on Wednesday, parliamentary group head Gilles Roth had said that the CSV stands behind Juncker.

This was reiterated by the party on its website on Thursday. CSV President Michel Wolter also commented to various media ahead of the evening conference that Juncker would “of course” stand for election again.

At the congress Roth said that what had happened at the Chamber of Deputies had been “unfair”, adding that the other parties had not responded to the defence and explanations put forward by Juncker during the debate.

Roth finished his speech by saying that the party would tackle the next stage together.

Juncker wants to lead party into a new beginning

Jean-Claude Juncker at CSV meeting

When the Prime Minister arrived after running late because he was stuck in traffic, he was greeted with applause.

Juncker said that the CSV would fight for the trust of the Luxembourg population.

The Premier also addressed accusations that he did not spend enough time in Luxembourg and was too active on a European level, saying that Luxembourg also held a stake in his work for the euro.

Juncker said that Luxembourg is facing difficult economic times and that the right decisions need to be made. He also addressed issues such as unemployment.

Finally, Juncker said that the work of the government had been made nearly impossible over the past 12 months and that the country could go a lot further in addressing issues of the future.

Thunderous applause followed the speech of the Prime Minister as he demanded respect and decency from the country’s politicians and said that he would like to lead the CSV into a new beginning.

Following Juncker’s speech, Wolter took to the stage, accusing the LSAP of having made up their minds before the debate, before declaring the Premier the top candidate of the CSV.

The LSAP meanwhile has convened a press conference for Friday morning, and it is expected that the party will announce its top candidate and further plans for the coming months.

Elections are expected to take place on October 20.

(Source: wort.lu)



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